Project Description


Wellness with Bella is our innovative pilot program that takes a holistic approach to help military veterans and their families bring peace and balance back into their lives. We pride ourselves in offering programs at zero cost for any person (and their immediate family members) who has served in the US Military, which includes retirees, veterans, active duty, National Guard or Reserves.

Each military member, regardless of position or rank, returns from battle carrying emotional scars.  Wellness with Bella helps move these individuals forward by recognizing the need for healing for the entire family and helping to reconcile the past for the sake of the future. It is our greatest honor to provide resources for those that protect our country. We provide access to physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that can have positive effects on their lives. Meaningful self-care rituals are especially important if you struggle with finding time to focus on your well-being. So take charge of your life and improve your all-around health.

As Chicago struggles with painful levels of youth violence, mentoring relationships can provide youth with the support, conflict resolution skills, and mindset changes they need to restore their lives and improve their neighborhoods. Since 2013, our Cooking with Cops program has used the power of food to help heal and strengthen communities on Chicago’s South and West sides. Pairing at-risk youth with first responders in competitive cooking events not only helps teach the basics of healthy eating, but strengthens the relationship between the community and law enforcement.